18th and 19th of January, at Yoga Shala Matosinhos, Porto

Come celebrate your body, calm your mind and fill your heart with inspiration, with a Portuguese teacher which teaches Ashtanga Yoga daily for over a decade!



18th de January, Saturday

8.30h – Introduction to the workshop + Ashtanga Yoga Class – Mysore Style for the more experienced participants/ Guided towards beginners Ashtanga + Guided Relaxing

(2h duration)

The classes are open to everyone, to those who already practice Ashtanga Yoga and other styles of yoga and also to those who are beginners. Everyone has the opportunity to dive deeper into their connection with breathing, body, and mind and also benefit from an immensely transforming practice.

11.30h- Inspirte internal strength and light, let go of tension and conflict – this talk is filled with tips and practical information means to show you the real power of your breathing, how you can transport your experiences on top of the yoga mat to your day to day life. Because whenever you will need to let feelings out, relax or just calm down, you’ll remember Vera’s voice and maybe some of these exercises. And each time you put them into practice, you’ll open up the possibility to better understand how breathing is infinitely linked to your body and mind.

(2h duration)

19th of January, Sunday

8.30h – Ashtanga Yoga Class – Mysore Style for the more experienced participants/ Guided towards beginners of Ashtanga + Guided Relaxing

(2h Duration)

11.30h – Challenges can be your biggest inspirations – in today’s world, where everything is demanded and lived for and in the exact present, the compromise of the regular practice of Yoga can seem out of place for most people. Because after long days at work, more worries, more deadlines, more bills, family responsibilities, and other aspects that turn our day to day more stressful, yoga will not just be another form of distraction, but rather you’ll find out that in every class and practice a way of renovating your inner strength, skills to overcome, energy and connections.

(2h duration)


110€ (early birds until the 1st of january: 100€)

Because of management related topics, sign-ups are only effective when payment confirmation is received and paid values will not be refunded.